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Umami Blast

Passed down from generation to generation, it’s time for you to take on ownership of the family restaurant. Customize your restaurant from humble beginnings and use your wits to serve as many customers as you can when you open for business! Craft your sushi restaurant to become the 5 star culinary experience it’s meant to be!

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Available on both Android and Iphone!

More About Umami Blast

Umami Blast is a Match 3 Puzzle Game All About Matching Sushi!


Use your money to build up the restaurant of your dreams!

Play Anywhere

Play anywhere, anytime, on any device by logging in with social media to sync your progress to the cloud



Switch and match sushi against the clock to serve as many customers as you can

Award Winning Gameplay

Switch and match sushi against the clock to serve as many customers as you can

Download Umami Blast Now!

Available on both Android and Iphone!

Meet The Team

Production Team

Keanu graduated in May 2019 having directed USC Games’ first sponsored game and first mobile free to play game. Keanu looks forward to working within the mobile games industry with skills suited for Product Management and his education in mobile development, business development and liveops management. 

Keanu Concepcion
Creative Director

Eileen is the lead producer on Umami Blast. She has worked at Survios, Heavy Iron, and Santa Monica Studio. She spends the tiny amount of her free time stress-eating and writing music.

Eileen Hsu
Lead Producer

Design Team

Kai is a game designer who is studying game design and Japanese at USC. She puts a lot of emphasis on cultivating effective teamwork and streamlining the development process to help each project member make the best content they can. 

Kai Nyame
Lead Designer

Tai has been playing video games since he was a kid. He wants to help further the world of video games and see how it evolves in the future.

Tai Grevious

Adriel Dunwoody hails from the east coast and is currently a senior at USC for Creative Writing. Has an associate’s degree in video game development and programming at OCC. Loves playing video games specifically RPGs and MOBAs.

Adriel Dunwoody

Milo Smiley is a game developer specializing in game writing and production. He is currently studying Game Design at the University of Southern California, and has a passion for queer advocacy, Earthbound-inspired RPGs and agile development.

Milo Smiley

User Research Team

Sara played a role in Umami Blast as Usability lead and assisted with engineering and design. She is a recent USC graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Games. Sara has worked at USC as a Grader/Teaching Assistant for several years and at Sony as a Content Innovation Associate to develop virtual reality projects. When she isn’t working, Sara loves hiking, camping, and spending time with her dog!

Sara Binder
Lead User Reasercher

Engineering Team

Alex is a programmer, game developer, food-eater, and sometimes traveler. He is most interested in games which utilize interactivity in creative or clever new ways. One day he will own 4 dogs.

Alex Zhang
Lead Engineer

Puru is a student in USC's Computer Science (Games) program. His interests include Mobile Games, Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence. He also loves to learn foreign languages and so far he knows English, Français, हिंदी and اردو.

Purusharth Singh Tomar

Ling Jin is currently a senior major in CS Games. She had developed different types of games. She is one of the Umami Blast engineers who had worked on multiple game scenes.

Ling Jin

Justin's goal as a game developer is to leverage his technical programming skills, in combination with his creativity and passion for gaming, to help create cutting-edge and groundbreaking games or technology

Justin Catchings

Tristan Graduated from USC in May 2018, and has been focusing on machine learning post-graduation. He will be going to the university of Tokyo in September for innovation management.

Tristan Postley

Marketing Team

Celine is the Marketer and Social Media Promoter of Umami Blast. She is currently studying Business Administration and Game Design at USC with interests residing in sports, photography, and mobile-puzzle games. Her goal is to work as an events marketing manager for a gaming company that will challenge her daily as well as provide her growing experiences in the industry.

Celine Chang
Marketer & Social Media Promoter

Download Umami Blast Now!

Available on both Android and Iphone!

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